Physiotherapy treatment in a dental office – Justyna Wasilewska trusted our experts

“The Art of Loving”, “Icarus”, “Fun, Fun” and the latest series – “Absent”, which will soon appear on TVN’s offer. These are just some of the roles that brought fame to the incomparable Justyna Wasilewska, actress and patient of the Warsaw Dental Center. We are proud that Justyna is one of the people who make conscious and holistic decisions regarding treatment. Currently under the care of our specialist physiotherapist, Klaudia Suchożebrska. Often, when we propose physiotherapy to patients, we hear astonishment: ‘Physiotherapy in a dental clinic? Why?”. Most people associate physiotherapy mainly with the rehabilitation of the spine or limbs. Few realize how crucial physiotherapy is in the field of dentistry.

Her support is invaluable for people who:

  • clench or grind their teeth
  • experience problems related to the temporomandibular joints
  • suffer from headaches, migraines, tension in the neck, shoulders and face
  • are considering prosthetic reconstruction
  • they wear orthodontic braces and want to speed up adaptation to changes occurring in their mouth

they struggle with ear problems, such as tinnitus Klaudia Suchożebrska is responsible for physiotherapy and rehabilitation of temporomandibular joint dysfunctions at Warsaw Dental Center. We encourage you to make an appointment for a consultation with Klaudia Suchożebrska and, of course, follow the series “Absent”, starring Justyna Wasilewska in the main role.

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