Physiotherapy in a dental office

Patients suffering from, among others, turn to physiotherapist Klaudia Suchożebrska at the Warsaw Dental Center clinic on:

  • migraines,
  • tension ear pain with tinnitus,
  • abnormal jaw mobility (excessive or limited mouth opening),
  • crackling and jumping in the temporomandibular joints,
  • bruxism (teeth grinding),
  • pain when chewing, yawning, biting,
  • fillings falling out,
  • garlands, i.e. tooth marks on the tongue.

The therapy, which is often an essential element of comprehensive dental treatment, allows for the mobilization of muscles in the facial area, shoulder girdle and neck.
It involves normalizing tensions in soft tissues, eliminating inappropriate movement habits in the vital organs and restoring physiological mobility within the stomatognathic system.

I invite you to a consultation with Klaudia Suchożebrska at Warsaw Dental Center!

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