Malocclusion and their effects: Why is it worth using orthognathic surgery?

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Did you know that the correct positioning of the jaw and teeth is of great importance for our health and well-being? Unfortunately, many people struggle with various types of bite disorders, which can lead to serious consequences. Fortunately, there is an effective solution – orthognathic orthodontics. If you suffer from bite problems, we invite you to the Warsaw Dental Center, where we offer comprehensive orthognathic treatment that can change your life.

Malocclusion may have many causes, such as developmental defects, abnormal jaw growth or dental problems. Jaw misalignment can lead to difficulty chewing, difficulty speaking, chronic headaches and neck pain, and even breathing problems. These ailments can significantly impact our daily functioning, as well as our self-confidence and self-esteem.

In such cases, orthognathic orthodontics may be the key solution. This specialized branch of orthodontics deals with the correction not only of teeth, but also of facial structure. Through the coordinated work of the oral surgeon and orthodontist, it is possible to stabilize and restore the proper alignment of the jaw and teeth. This comprehensive approach gives lasting and satisfactory results that are of great importance to the patient.

Why is it worth using orthognathic orthodontics? First of all, improving facial aesthetics. Malocclusion often affects facial proportions, which may be a source of complexes and dissatisfaction with one’s appearance. Orthognathic orthodontics allows the correction of asymmetry, excessive elongation or shortening of the jaw, leading to a harmonious and proportionate appearance.

Another important aspect is the improvement of occlusal functions. Thanks to proper bite correction, patients experience significant relief in chewing and speaking. Headache and neck pain that may be related associated with malocclusion, is alleviated or completely eliminated. Additionally, proper jaw positioning improves breathing, especially in people with narrow airways.

Another undeniable advantage of orthognathic orthodontics is its durability. After completing the treatment, patients enjoy a beautiful smile and proper jaw position for many years. It is an investment in health and well-being that brings benefits for many years.

If you are struggling with bite disorders and you feel their negative effects, do not wait any longer. Take advantage of the services of Warsaw Dental Center and experience comprehensive orthognathic treatment. Our team of experienced oral surgeons and orthodontists will ensure your comfort and guide you through the entire treatment process.

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