Magazine “Health Operation” – Interview with Doctor Bartosz Leończak

In the last episode of the magazine “Operation Health” on TVP2, journalist Piotr Poraj-Poleski conducted an interview with Dr. Bartosz Leończak to address doubts regarding comprehensive dentistry and dental surgery.

Piotr Poraj-Poleski emphasized the importance of a healthy smile, asking: “Everyone would like to have a beautiful smile, that’s obvious… but it’s not obvious that the lack of teeth affects the overall health, it affects our health… if teeth are decayed, what settles inside our bodies?”

“We can start with the fact that bacteria that develop in decayed and damaged teeth can enter the bloodstream and can cause a series of serious diseases…” – said Bartosz Leończak.

If someone didn’t have the opportunity to watch the last episode, they can see it on the VOD platform at: Operacja Zdrowie

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“Doctor Bartosz Leończak overcame the barrier of fear in me…” – added Piotr Poraj-Poleski.


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