Invisalign overlays – Warsaw price

Invisalign overlays – Cost of treatment

Before answering the question about the costs of treatment with Invisalign overlays in Warsaw, it is worth emphasizing that this is currently the most modern method of correcting the bite, while eliminating the need to use traditional fixed braces. Why is it worth choosing this type of orthodontic treatment? Everything is described in the article “Invisalign“. The price of this solution is currently PLN 20,000.

It is worth noting that this price is usually set at a fixed level and does not change during the treatment process. Even if a minor correction is necessary after treatment, it is included in the package price. Additionally, the process of creating subsequent overlays using 3D printing technology does not generate additional costs for the patient.

Costs related to preparation for the installation of orthodontic appliances

Preparation to start orthodontic treatment requires that all teeth be cured and that there are no contraindications to continuing the therapy. This process begins with a consultation visit, the cost of which at the Warsaw Dental Center is approximately PLN 300. During this visit, the orthodontist uses a 3D scanner to obtain a precise image of the teeth. Then the patient is sent for panoramic and cephalometric X-rays, the cost of which ranges from PLN 170 to PLN 400.

After collecting comprehensive medical documentation, the orthodontist begins a cephalometric analysis. Based on the data obtained, such as X-rays, 3D scans and cephalometric analysis, a treatment plan is created. The treatment plan costs PLN 300. Thanks to this, the patient can be sure that he or she receives comprehensive orthodontic care, including the therapy planning stage.

What imperfections can Invisalign overlays correct?

Invisalign is an effective method of treating many orthodontic defects, such as:

Invisalign aligners

  1. Crossbite
  2. Gaps
  3. Open bite
  4. Undershot
  5. Deep bite

Treatment plan using Invisalign aligners

The next visit includes visualization of the final simulation of the therapy progress during the next visit. The simulation is presented as a dynamic 3D animation showing the correction of malocclusion. After accepting this plan, the patient pays the first installment of PLN 10,000 or the entire amount of treatment. Based on this transaction, the overlay production process is commissioned.

Invisalign aligners

Cost of Installing Orthodontic Braces with Invisalign Aligners

It is worth noting that the patient is informed about the total cost of treatment at the beginning, and this amount does not change even in the case of complicated orthodontic defects or a long-term treatment process. At Warsaw Dental Center, the total cost of overlay treatment is PLN 20,000 (additionally + PLN 600 for permanent retention after the treatment is completed), which is slightly different from the final cost estimate of other orthodontic options.

Cost of follow-up and intermediate orthodontic visits

If the patient pays the full cost of treatment, he or she does not incur additional fees for subsequent follow-up visits or consultations with the orthodontist. However, if the patient only paid an entry fee of PLN 10,000, the remaining amount is divided into installments, payable during subsequent follow-up visits.

Summary of the cost of Invisalign treatment

– Consultation visit: PLN 300
– 3D photo scan: PLN 300-500
– 3D radiological scan: PLN 400
– X-rays, cephalometry + treatment plan: PLN 170 – PLN 300
– Panoramic photo: PLN 170
– Total cost of overlays: PLN 20,000
– Retention cost

  • retention plates: PLN 700
  • fixed: PLN 600
  • Invisalign retention, one arch: PLN 1,500
  • Invisalign retention, two arches: PLN 2,500

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