How does the process of removing orthodontic braces proceed?

Orthodontic treatment lasts at least two years. Many patients impatiently count down the days until their orthodontic appliance is removed. When this moment finally arrives, many questions arise. The most popular ones are: “Does removing the appliance hurt?”, “How long does it take to remove the orthodontic appliance?” and “What is the process of removing the orthodontic appliance?” If your orthodontic treatment is coming to an end, don’t be surprised – find out what to expect at this awaited visit!

Removing the orthodontic appliance – removing the brackets

For anyone wearing an orthodontic appliance, it will come as no surprise that its removal starts with colored rubber bands or metal ligatures. Then the orthodontist removes the archwire and brackets. Although this procedure is not too complicated, it raises many questions among patients. The reason is simple – when the appliance is applied, the brackets are bonded to the tooth surface using special glue. Should you be afraid that removing them will damage the enamel?

Orthodontists not only have precise tools but also experience in removing orthodontic appliances. So patients should not worry – this procedure will not have a negative impact on their teeth. If the appliance is removed properly, there is no possibility of discoloration appearing on the tooth surface.

Removing the orthodontic appliance and cleaning the teeth after removal

After removing the orthodontic appliance, there are remnants of glue on the teeth that require thorough cleaning. The orthodontic specialist removes these residues using a scaler and sandblaster, and then proceeds to polish the teeth. This process not only removes any residues but also restores the natural color of the teeth, making them appear whiter. This effect positively influences the overall appearance of the smile.

Patients who want to enjoy a healthy and attractive smile can also opt for teeth whitening after removing the orthodontic appliance.

Is removing the orthodontic appliance painful?

The frequently asked question about pain during the removal of the orthodontic appliance is justified, but this process is usually not painful. Some discomfort may occur, but it is short-lived.

It’s worth noting that anesthesia is not typically used during appliance removal because the process itself is quick and effective. An experienced orthodontist usually only needs 10 to 15 minutes to remove the appliance and thoroughly clean the teeth from glue residues.

How much does it cost to remove an orthodontic appliance?

The cost of removing an orthodontic appliance depends on its type and may vary. Orthodontists usually inform about the costs during the consultation before the procedure.

It should be noted that the cost of removing an orthodontic appliance may also include oral cavity hygiene. Patients should therefore be prepared for additional expenses.

However, removing the appliance is not the end of the treatment

The next stage is retention, which involves maintaining the achieved effects. Various types of retention appliances are used for this purpose, such as fixed retainers, retainer trays, and functional appliances.

The choice of the appropriate retention appliance depends on the orthodontist, who selects it according to the patient’s needs. Preparation of the retention appliance often requires taking an impression of the teeth, which usually takes place at the end of the treatment, after thorough teeth cleaning.

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