From Bite to Smile: The Role of Orthodontic Elastics in Treatment

Dental braces: Small but important

When we think about orthodontic treatment, the first things that come to mind are braces, wires, and maybe even braces.
But one of the key elements of orthodontics are rubber bands for braces, which help adjust the patient’s teeth to their correct position.
Here is some important information about it.

What are Dental Braces Erasers?

Dental braces, also known as ligatures or elastomers, are small rings or rubber bands that are used to connect the wires of orthodontic braces to brackets attached to teeth.
These elastics are usually made of a flexible material that allows the teeth to move.

Different Types of Erasers for Dental Appliances

  • Standard erasers: These are the most commonly used camera erasers.
    They are available in various colors, so patients can personalize the appearance of their braces.
  • Slider bands: These rubber bands are used to hold the wires in position.
    They help in the treatment of various types of orthodontic problems, such as tooth shifting.
  • Brackets: These are rubber bands that attach brackets to your teeth.
    By choosing the right color of rubber bands, patients can add some fun to their braces.

Benefits of Using Erasers for Dental Appliances

  • Bite correction: Erasers help correct incorrect bites, such as overbite, underbite or open bite.
  • Improved aesthetics: Thanks to the different colors of the rubber bands, patients can add a personal style to their braces, which is especially important for children and teenagers.
  • Effectiveness of treatment: Elastics are an important orthodontic tool that helps achieve the intended treatment results.
  • Minimal discomfort: Despite initial difficulties in getting used to the rubber bands on the braces, most patients find them relatively comfortable and do not cause major pain.

How to take care of your dental braces?

While wearing orthodontic braces When using rubber bands, you must follow several important rules:

  1. Brush your teeth regularly: Braces with rubber bands can be a place where food particles can easily accumulate.
    Therefore, it is important to brush your teeth and clean your braces regularly.
  2. Changing elastic bands: Orthodontists usually recommend changing elastic bands every few weeks to ensure their effectiveness.
  3. Use as directed: It is important to wear elastics as directed by your orthodontist.
    Wearing rubber bands incorrectly may delay the progress of treatment.


Dental braces are an important element of orthodontic treatment that help achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.
They help correct bites and add a personal touch to the braces.
It is important to follow the orthodontist’s recommendations and take care of oral hygiene while wearing braces with elastic bands.

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