Doctor Marcin Kopeć at Warsaw Dental Center

e are pleased to announce that Dr. Marcin Kopeć, a specialist in prosthetics, has joined the Warsaw Dental Center team.

Doctor Kopeć is a graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw, majoring in medicine and dentistry.
In his professional practice, he focuses on aesthetic dentistry, root canal treatment under a microscope and prosthetics, including prosthetics related to implantology.

His professional skills are constantly developing, and he actively participates in numerous scientific conferences, improvement courses and workshops both in Poland and abroad.
His achievements include participation in training such as DSD (Digital Smile Design) and tooth preparation techniques under a microscope conducted by Dr.
Massironi in Italy. Additionally, he completed the Occlusion Curriculum program at the renowned Dawson Academy, located in Florida, USA.

We encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Marcin Kopiec at the Warsaw Dental Center.

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