Do fluoride and fillings contain harmful materials?

Taking care of our oral health is a key element of our daily hygiene. However, for the sake of health,
We often wonder whether the dental materials we use may have a negative impact on our body. IN
In particular, there are many questions about fluoride and the materials used for it
dental fillings, such as amalgams or composites.

Fluoride – Is it harmful?

Fluoride is used in the prevention of caries, most often through fluoridation, i.e
application of gel or foam containing fluoride to the tooth surface. It helps strengthen the enamel by protecting it
against the action of acids that cause caries. There is controversy regarding possible negative effects
side effects of consuming excessive amounts of fluoride. However, most studies have shown that fluoride used in…
moderate amounts within recommended standards, it is safe for health.

Fillings – What Do They Contain?

Traditional amalgam fillings contain metals such as mercury, silver and zinc
and copper. Mercury is of greatest concern due to its potential health risks. Despite
presence of mercury, studies show that dental amalgams are stable and pose no risk,
as long as they are not violated.

In turn, composites, i.e. resins used for fillings, do not contain mercury or other substances
heavy metals. They are aesthetic, durable and increasingly popular,
although there are concerns about the emissions of substances associated with polymers in the composition of composites.

Porcelain as an alternative

Porcelain, although slightly less flexible, is another option for dental fillings. Is
durable, resistant to discoloration and is a good alternative for people who are afraid
the use of amalgams or composites.

Maintaining a Healthy Smile

In conclusion, fluoride is a safe ingredient in oral care, while traditional ones
amalgams contain mercury, although their health risk is minimal. Composites
and porcelain are alternatives, however each material has its advantages and limitations,
Therefore, it is worth consulting our Warsaw Dental Center clinic to choose the best solution for your patients
teeth. Maintaining your oral health is crucial and choosing the right materials is crucial
for dental treatment can significantly contribute to maintaining a beautiful smile for a long time.

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