Diagnostics at Warsaw Dental Center

Knowing the great importance of proper diagnostics, our dental specialists at Warsaw Dental Center undertake a comprehensive assessment of the dental condition of each patient on the first visit.
Our diagnostic process includes several key steps:

  • Interview with the patient: We start with a conversation with the patient, during which we learn about his daily hygiene habits, possible pain and symptoms that may indicate an incorrect bite.
    We also analyze the diet the patient eats.
  • CBCT tomography: We use a modern and non-invasive CBCT tomography examination, which precisely images head structures such as the jaws, mandible, temporomandibular joints, facial skeleton and sinuses.
    Our technology minimizes radiation exposure, enables short examination times and archives the results for later analysis.
  • Photographic documentation: We create accurate photographic documentation, which allows you to track the progress of treatment and precisely monitor changes.
  • 3D tooth scanning: Thanks to 3D scanning, we obtain a detailed model of the patient’s teeth, which is irreplaceable when planning treatment.
  • Detailed treatment plan: After thoroughly analyzing all data, we develop a comprehensive treatment plan using the latest dental achievements and the knowledge of our team.
    Based on our understanding of the patient’s situation, we consult internally to provide the most tailored solutions.

We provide a professional and stress-free approach to dental treatment at Warsaw Dental Center.
We would like to emphasize that for the comfort of patients, we also offer the option of treatment under anesthesia.

We cordially invite you for consultations with our experienced specialists!
Visits can be arranged:

– By phone: 22 542 18 04

– By e-mail: kontakt@warsawdentalcenter.pl

We will make every effort to provide you with a healthy and beautiful smile, using our knowledge and modern technologies.

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