Cosmetic dentistry – what does tooth reconstruction involve?

Aesthetic Dentistry offers the possibility of comprehensive tooth reconstruction, even in situations where they are seriously damaged. The only condition is the preservation of a larger part of the visible part of the tooth, i.e., the crown. The aim of aesthetic tooth reconstruction is to restore their natural appearance by filling in tooth gaps and correcting their shape, color, and alignment.

Methods of Aesthetic Tooth Reconstruction

Renowned dental clinics use high-quality materials that perfectly mimic the natural shape and color of teeth. Even the most complex cases, such as damage, discoloration, or fractures of teeth, can be effectively repaired using one of the following methods, restoring a beautiful and confident smile to the patient.

  • Veneers

Aesthetic reconstruction of front teeth often involves the use of veneers. These are delicate porcelain shells that are applied to the teeth and securely attached to them. Thanks to the properties of porcelain, which diffuses natural light, the teeth look very natural. Veneers can be used provided there is a sufficient presence of enamel both quantitatively and qualitatively. Their purpose is to mask various imperfections of teeth, such as damage, gaps between teeth, discoloration, and surface irregularities (reconstruction of tooth enamel). Before applying veneers, all bite defects, decay, and gum inflammation should be treated. It is also recommended to whiten the teeth before starting prosthetic treatment using veneers.

  • Dental Crown

After root canal treatment or in the case of a tooth fracture, a dental crown is used for its reconstruction. The crown covers the tooth, restores its natural appearance, strengthens it, and provides comfort similar to that of natural teeth. It can be made of porcelain fused to a sturdy substructure or composite. The process of making a crown involves grinding the tooth using local anesthesia. The reconstruction of a fractured tooth involves placing the finished crown using special cement, which has adhesive properties and is selected according to the color in the case of all-ceramic crowns. In the case of crowns on a metal substructure, color matching of the cement is not necessary. There are three types of crowns: full, three-quarter, and half crowns. Each case is considered individually to minimize potential side effects and achieve the desired effects. Porcelain crowns are considered the most aesthetic and are therefore most commonly used in dentistry. Additionally, they are extremely durable and present well. The average lifespan of a porcelain crown is about 10 years.

Tooth Reconstruction Using Glass Fibers

One of the most popular methods of repairing a fractured tooth is reconstruction using glass fiber posts. These fibers are characterized by durability, aesthetics, and a natural color that they impart to the teeth. This method is particularly recommended for tooth reconstruction after root canal treatment. The anterior tooth reconstruction procedure can be performed during a single visit to the dental office, making it an ideal solution for emergency cases. Importantly, it does not require grinding of adjacent teeth. However, it should be noted that this technique is not recommended for molars (6, 7, 8) due to significant loads.

Glass fibers are not necessary in all tooth reconstruction procedures, but they are extremely useful where the dentist needs greater mechanical strength of a specific tissue fragment. Their use brings benefits due to their adhesive properties, allowing for the restoration of proper tooth function and better distribution of chewing forces. Additionally, reinforcement using glass fibers can be used to improve tooth stiffness, which affects their functionality.

Aesthetic Tooth Reconstruction – Is it Worth It?

It is not worth underestimating chips and tooth defects, as they not only affect appearance but also oral health. Reconstruction of cracked or chipped teeth does not have to involve high costs, but neglect can significantly increase the final expenses for treatment.

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