Can migraine and toothache be related?

Did you know that there are many cases where migraine and toothache can be related?

Even though these are two different ailments, sometimes they can occur simultaneously and worsen each other.

Migraine is a disease that manifests itself with severe headaches, often accompanied by nausea, photophobia and/or visual disturbances.

In turn, toothache may be caused by infection, damage, decay or other dental problems

So how can these two different conditions be related? There are several scenarios that could explain this:

Muscle tension:

Some people who suffer from migraines experience muscle tension in the face and neck area, which can lead to toothache. This tension may be the body’s response to a headache.

Stress and body reaction:

Both migraine and toothache can be caused by stress. Stress can lead to excessive jaw tightening, which can cause toothache and at the same time make migraines worse.

Dental problems and migraine:

Dental infections, gum disease or even pain caused by misaligned teeth can trigger an inflammatory response in the body. This inflammatory response can, in turn, worsen the migraine or be one of its triggers.

Neuralgic connections:

There is a complex network of nerves in the head and neck area that allows pain from one area to radiate to another. This means that a toothache can lead to a radiating headache, and a migraine can cause a toothache.

It is worth remembering that each case may be different. If you experience both a migraine and a toothache, it is worth consulting a doctor or headache specialist and a dentist. Diagnosis and treatment can be more effective when you understand whether the two problems are related or not.


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