Benefits of choosing dental implants

Implantology is one of the fastest-growing fields in dentistry, offering patients a wide range of possibilities and therapeutic methods. In the field of dental implantology, Warsaw Dental Center boasts several high-class specialists who achieve excellent, predictable treatment outcomes.

Dental Implants

Dental implants represent the most effective alternative to a natural tooth root, both biomechanically and aesthetically. They allow for the placement of various prosthetic reconstructions, such as crowns or bridges, providing patients with stability and comfort.

The dentist places implants in the jawbone’s alveolar process of the mandible or maxilla. Thanks to them, prosthetic works are not only stable but also do not shift in the oral cavity, resulting in patient comfort during daily oral hygiene and normal functioning.

The most commonly used material for dental implant production is titanium or its alloys, which are biocompatible and safe for the surrounding tissues. Their high affinity for oxygen eliminates the risk of the body’s immunological reaction, making them an ideal choice for patients.

Compared to other methods of filling interdental spaces, implants do not require intervention in adjacent teeth, thus protecting the patient’s natural tooth structure. They help avoid the need to grind adjacent teeth, which often leads to weakening them.

To achieve optimal therapeutic and aesthetic results in implant prosthetics, it is essential for clinics to be equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and to use certified materials and implants of the highest quality. An experienced doctor also plays an important role in performing procedures with the utmost care and precision.

An important aspect often raised by patients is the fear of pain during the implantation procedure. However, thanks to the use of effective local anesthesia or sedation, the implantation procedure is entirely painless, allowing patients to feel comfortable and safe.

Contrary to common belief, implantation is less invasive than many other dental procedures, such as tooth extraction. Most patients can return to normal functioning as soon as the day after the implantation procedure.

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