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Orthodontic consultation250 zł
Impressions for diagnostic models200 zł
Treatment plan200 zł
Fixed metal braces (1 arc)2200 zł
Fixed porcelain braces (1 arc)3200 zł
Control visits – braces240 – 280 zł
Bondingfrom 700 zł per tooth
Invisalign Treatment
(the price includes orthodontic treatment with the installation of braces, all necessary inspection visits)
from 18 000 zł


Wax up (prosthetic work project)3800 zł
Ceramic veneer (lithium disilicate)3200 zł
Ceramic crown (lithium disilicate)3000 zł
Temporary long-term composite crown1200 zł
Temporary short-term crown300zł
Poured crown-root insert700 zł
Skeletal prosthesis2600 zł
Full acrylic denture2300 zł
Bridge on fiberglass (missing one tooth)1200 zł
Hard rail with guides1400 zł
Kois deprogrammer700 zł
Control visit200 zł
Consultation250 zł
Treatment plan200 zł


Primary treatment of a single-channel tooth900 zł
Primary treatment of a two-channel tooth1100 zł
Primary treatment of a three-channel tooth1400 zł
Primary treatment of a four-channel tooth1500 zł
Removal of the broken tool550 zł
Fiberglass insert550zł


Scaling and sandblasting + polishing + fluorine420 zł
Whitening with a ZOOM lamp (the price includes lamp and tray whitening)2200 zł


Jaws and chaps tomography380 zł
RVG50 zł
Pantomogram150 zł
Cephalometric150 zł


Tooth extraction400-500 zł
Operational extraction of an erupted tooth
(the price includes anesthesia and sewing)
from 800 zł
Operational extraction of an retained tooth
(the price includes anesthesia and sewing)
1000 zł
Implant implantation3800 zł
Sinus lift4500 zł


Small filling480 zł
Medium filling520 zł
Large filling580 zł
Anesthesia / aesthetic anesthesia60 zł
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